all the things (11.26)

all the things

Happy holiday season to you! Hope everyone out there had a good Thanksgiving, but it’s time to move on to CHRISTMAS!  I love this time of year. Christmas carols, snow, giving gifts, Christmas crafts, advent… it’s my very favorite.


My little corner of the internet: 

I finally wrote my October edition of Jordan Reads Things!

Two Five Minute Friday posts: one last week, and one this week!

Words from the internet I liked: 

The Hidden Legacy of Eugene Peterson: I’ve never read Peterson’s books, but his Message translation of the Bible has helped so many people understand and identify with scripture. For me, as someone who’s struggled with understanding scripture, The Message has been a huge blessing. I loved reading this personal essay from a family friend– it let us all see a different side of Peterson that normal folk wouldn’t see. And learning about how he uses his money– pretty sure there’s a lesson for all of us there.

Tracee Ross Ellis is living for Herself: I. love. This. And more so, I love HER. She speaks truth in a blunt and humorful way and is point-blank honest about her decision to not get married or have kids. As someone who doesn’t know if she wants to marry or have kids herself, it’s so nice to have someone else admit that they’re OK with this. That they’re not struggling with singleness like sooo many people/articles say they are (esp in Christian circles). I’m not struggling with singleness! I’m cool with it! Like Tracee said: MY LIFE IS MINE. My sole purpose is not to be married off and have kids. If it happens later, cool. And maybe in a few years my thoughts on singleness will change. Heck, they’ve changed a LOT as a 25-year-old. I go back and forth on wanting the whole marriage+kids deal. But right now, I’m not struggling with singleness. And I’m okay with that.

I look back and think about all the ways we’re told that those two
#goals: being chosen and having kids, are what makes you
worthy. I mean: Nursery Rhymes. Fairytales. Books. Movies. Sixteen
, every love song, and even Black-ish—all reiterating this
narrow story of “husband plus child equals woman”. And the
patriarchy—the patriarchy is not pleased with me right now. I’m
failing at my function.

If you saw my message why didn’t you respond? 

I follow Sarah on Twitter, and she hit the nail on the head here. I could’ve written the same post! (except focusing on text messages vs facebook messages). While I’d much rather have a text conversation vs. face-to-face (or worse, the dreaded phone call… *shudders*), I also freak out if I don’t get a response from someone (if the text deems a response, obviously). I try hard to stay connected to people, and when people don’t respond I start to think that they don’t want to take the time to talk to me, or I said something that hurt them, or if they don’t want to be my friends… anxiety and technology weave a complicated web, people. When people see your messages, or your questions, and just don’t respond? It makes me second guess myself about every conversation I’ve had with people. I know people are busy, but at least take a minute to say something. Don’t leave people hanging when they’re waiting on the other side of a conversation.

But, the little thing that reads “seen” at the end of a Facebook message is problematic because it reminds you that you are not that important. If the person sees your message and doesn’t say anything you are left wondering if you offended them, they’re busy, they don’t want to talk to you, or many, many other things.

Yes. This. I felt so frustrated by the 3 Swings and a Ring culture at Lipscomb. Gotta get that MRS degree, right? Except I didn’t, nor did I want it. Part of me didn’t feel the want/need to get married; part of me felt like it was expected of me because everyone else around me was wanting it. I quit counting how many friends ended up married during or right after graduation. This culture that pushes marriage at a young age hurts people that don’t end up married by the time college ended– I don’t even know if I want to get married, yet it felt like it was something that was *supposed* to happen magically in college. I’m happy for the friends that got married during our college years, but I’m more than thankful I wasn’t one of them– I could not imagine it for my life right now, no matter how much this culture tells me it’s what I should be aiming for.

Cool things to buy on the internet: 

It’s Christmastime, which means… GIFT GUIDES GALORE! A few of my favorites:

Perfect Gifts for Writers: This was written by my friend, Kate! It has so many good things for the writer in your life. The most needed items for me from this list include this Waterproof note pad (all my best ideas happen in the shower!), this Spiritual Writing Book, and money to go to a Writers Conference (Festival of Faith and Writing, PLEASE?!?!). I’d also add: a subscription to Grammarly Premium, a custom blog design/domain makeover, and a subscription to Spotify Premium!!

College Girl Gift Guide: I’m not in college anymore, and I don’t agree with all these things (no makeup needed here), but: All. The. Giftcards. Please!! And allll the fuzzy socks. And a new blanket to match my new bedspread sounds lovely!

Speaking of bedspreads: I have found the one my soul loves. And bonus: it was designed by Joanna Gaines! SCORE! I’m either going to buy it with my next freelancing check or I’m asking for it for Christmas. They’re currently running a deal where you get $50 off $150 purchase AND free shipping over $75! Yay for online Black Friday deals!


How Sweet Eats always has the best Gift Guides. She has a great Cookbook gift guide (i want them alll, especially her new one, Joy the Baker’s brunch cookbook, and Pioneer Woman’s newest!) and a kitchen supplies gift guide (i also want all the things here).

She Reads Truth has a good Gift Guide for their products, including some new ones! (I love the calendar and the SRT/HRT Starter sets!).

Sarah Bessey’s Gift Guide to Empower Women is AWESOME. All products are from small businesses that help women and children around the world. And everything on it is beautiful! And there’s a coupon code for almost every product!

other non-gift guide things from the internet:

*NSYNC Holiday Merch: My *NSYNC and Christmas-loving heart is so happy.

I have my eye on this nativity from Trades of Hope– isn’t it adorable?!

My favorite baker from Season 4’s Great British Bakeoff released a baking cookbook— and it’s all comfort food! I can’t wait to get it. (also, she has a pug, so I’m hoping for Dennis the pug pictures in the book!!)

Also: Amazon has their annual book deal going on now– $5 off a book purchase over $20! I used it to get a book for part of my mom’s Christmas gift (she’s obsessed with this guy) and a new fiction book for me!

DaySpring has some great deals for Cyber monday coming up! 35% off ANY PURCHASE using the code MONDAY17 (only until Monday at 11:59!), $5 Journals and Mugs, Markdowns up to 50% off certain items, and BOGO on certain items (including the IF watercolor set+ other bible journaling supplies!!). Definitely a great sale for all the things on their site.

I picked up Let it Snow for a fun read during the holidays! My former supervisor, Sarah, gave it to me for Christmas last year. It’s 3 different short novellas (~100 pages each) written by 3 YA authors. The only author I’d read before was John Green; I finished Maureen Johnson’s story last night and really enjoyed it! They’re all based on the same town/same basic storyline, which I didn’t realize until I started reading John’s story. Such a clever idea! Can’t wait to finish it.

Redeeming Love is one of my favorite books of all-time. LifeWay just recently released a brand new edition with a stunning cover! AND it’s on sale this weekend for $10!!

Sleeping at Last is doing an Enneagram song project— he’s releasing a song and accompanying podcast for each of the 9 Enneagram numbers. He just released the song for Twos (which is what I am) and it may have made me cry just a bit. IT’S SO ACCURATE. It brought every quality of my number (both the good and bad) to life in such a beautiful way! If you’re a 2, a 2 wing, OR just want to know your 2 friends better, please listen+buy+listen some more. The One song was also highly relatable (I’m a 2 with a 1 wing!)


Val Marie Paper has $5 flat shipping today for all their products! I’ve been using the undated prayer journal for a month and love it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to invest in a yearly sometime soon!

Day Designer also has free shipping this weekend! This is huge since shipping for their planners is hella expensive. I had one of their BlueSky planners last year and it was the most productive a planner has ever been for me! I want the real thing this year.

I think that’s it for this week. Follow my writer page on Facebook for more writerly updates and sometimes funny things, among other amusements.


Thanks for reading, y’all!


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all the things (11.12)

all the things

My little corner of the internet: 

My 3rd post for The Mighty went live on Friday! This was a hard one to write, but it also involves John Green so that’s fun. If you haven’t read Turtles All the Way Down, SPOILERS!

No posts on the blogstead this week. My energy/motivation has slowly been re-appearing, but I’ve been focusing it on freelance articles instead of blog posts. This week, Jordan Reads Things will be live! Promise.

The Mighty also featured my post from last week on one of their Facebook pages. So fun.

Words from the internet I liked: 

You’re okay.: Hannah Brencher’s one of my faves. Her Monday pep talks always get me geared for the week, and her words pump me up and get me all in my feels. I felt like this post was sweetly whispered in my ear: you’re okay. I needed the reminder that it’s okay to not be on my A-game all the time (rather, it’s impossible). Her words are smooth and truthful, and they got me on the right track for a better week.

Perfection is a conspiracy theory we’re all believing in. Perfection is a paper town. We still chase after it because it looks like other people, people with more followers and more kale on their plates, have somehow attained it. Let the myth die: not a single one of us knows what perfection feels like.

The Membership of the Living: the common anxieties:  I felt myself nodding along to Lore’s thoughts as I read, so achingly true they all were. It was a strikingly simple string of words, but a powerful one on the lost art of listening.

Rarely do we stop to consider how alike most of us all are, deeply wanting to be loved (or even liked), deeply desiring the full experience of being alive, and deeply wanting to be found faithful. And how most of us just want the comfort of another person acknowledging the pain of life on this orb, and then simply saying, “I’m sorry. I think I get it a little, but not all the way, but I want to sit here with you in it.”

My Favorite Non-Fiction Books to Empower Everyday Women:

Sarah Bessey is my favorite. Always. And her book lists/gift lists are always on point. This one has some great books on it– some I’ve read (including Shalom Sistas, hollaaaa), and some that have been on my wishlist (like A Woman’s Place by Katelyn Beaty), and some I’d not heard of but are now on my never-ending TBR list. Man, I just love books. (and all of SB’s book lists are linked at the end of her post!)

11 Missing Days: Agatha Christie’s greatest mystery:  Umm, this is fascinating. While I doubt this is the greatest mystery Christie’s known for (a little extreme considering she’s out-sold every novelist in the world with her mysteries), but still kinda crazy thinking a mystery novelist was in a mystery of her own. I’ve only read one of her books (wonderfully written, but mysteries aren’t my thing), but I’m so intrigued by her now.

This Is What I Need In A Partner Because Of Anxietywhile this article is about dating, I think it could be extended to friendships as well (at least for me, the girl that doesn’t date). And I don’t think I necessarily need all of these things, but some of them are on point for me as an anxious person (texting back, following through w/plans, being on time/letting me know if you’re running late, consistency, listening…) basically, I need someone who isn’t going to leave, and is going to follow through with what they say. I will always second guess myself– my responses, my questions, my words, my actions… I need someone who won’t feed that guesswork. I will never stop worrying if I’m a good enough friend/human and need people to validate that in me.

When you have anxiety you are someone people can rely on simply because you hate the feeling of being let down yourself. (YES THIS).

When You Can’t Fix Your Weary Soul: I really loved seeing this on (in}courage. I’m hoping the tide is changing for our discussion on things mental health in the Christian world, because there are too many who still see it as a sin problem/something you can only fix with prayer/etc. I’m thankful for Sarah’s honesty and her real-ness. The reality of mental illness is that it might be fixed, the pills or therapy or whatever can and might help. But even if not, God is still God. And He still loves me. Even when I’m drowning in the weight of sadness or in the spirals of anxiety, He is near.

I am faithful and I am sad. I am obedient to the best of my ability and I have a downcast soul. It may or may not go away, but it doesn’t change my status in God’s Kingdom. I am His child. And I am hurting. But He is gentle and kind and is with me in this.

It Only Took 56 Years, But Now You Can Actually Have Breakfast At Tiffany’sI’ve been an obsessive Breakfast At Tiffany’s/Audrey Hepburn fan since… high school at least? It’s one of the few movies I prefer over the book (Not Truman Capote’s best, imo). I LOVE THIS MOVIE. I will someday purchase something that comes in a little blue box. Not anytime soon, but someday! And now there’s a cafe where you can literally eat breakfast at Tiffany’s and my obsessive heart is just filled with joy and Tiffany diamonds. Anyone wanna plan a trip to NYC with me?

Thoughts and Prayers: I ‘met’ Heather through her blog right around the time her son James was born (so a little over 4 years! wow!). She’s a hilarious writer and blogger, and her thoughts on grief and living after the loss of her daughter, Maddie, are honest and thoughtful and helpful to those of us that haven’t walked that road. Maddie would’ve turned 10 on Saturday. In light of recent events (shootings et all), we see a lot of people offering “thoughts and prayers,” to no end. But Heather points out that while thoughts and prayers are great, even necessary and helpful, they are not where we should end. Thoughts and prayers should compel us to do something. I’m a believer in prayer and think God can move mountains, but I think he uses us, the praying people, to do the moving. Prayer should compel us to action– whether that be service, donations, whatever it may be depending on the situation.  I also think a lot of people use the “thoughts and prayers” as a way to not do/say anything. Saying you’re going to pray and then not thinking about it again does nothing to help people. If you believe in the power of prayer, use those prayers to do something. That means a lot more than an empty offer of thoughts and prayers.

Thoughts and prayers should be a beginning, not an end.

New augmented reality mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite announced:

Think Pokemon GO, for Harry Potter fans. I AM SO EXCITED SOMETHING WORTH LEAVING THE HOUSE FOR!! I’m literally grinning, I’m so dang giddy about this. We have to wait until 2018, but I don’t mind waiting.


Cool things to buy on the internet: 

Harry Potter 12 Days of Socks Advent Calendar. I need it. Unfortunately it’s pretty much sold out right now (bah humbug), but hopefully, Target will restock soon. They also have Disney and DC comic versions!

Someday I will own this nativity set from Noonday Collection. It’s beautiful and handmade!

Amazon has their own furniture collection now, and it is very pretty.

I just recently partnered with ThredUP, the largest online secondhand shop, to do some sharing/blogging with them. I’m awaiting the last few items from my purchase before I write, but what I’ve gotten from them so far (that fit) I’ve gotten some awesome compliments on. There were a few sizing issues (plus-size probs) but now I’ve exchanged everything and hopefully, this last exchange does the trick. *fingers crossed*

Stay Home Pillow: I would never spend this much money on a pillow, but I need it.

Sacred Holidays Advent Study! Only 10 days left to get SH’s study in time for Advent to start (11/22)! I did their Lent study and it’s awesome. Their studies are very detailed and thorough, but not overwhelming. I love the theme for this year, “For All.” They have a women’s, men’s, and family study, and use the code FRIENDSGET10 for 10 percent off!

I love love LOVE the ladies behind this product, and can’t wait to use it for Advent this year. Also, follow Sacred Holidays on social media for updates and other ways to help make your holiday season a little more sacred. Find them here: Facebook, Sacred Holidays Tribe,  Instagram

TOMS. Anyone that knows me well knows I have a slight obsession. If only they’d quit coming out with cute ones! I care nothing about shoes, except for Toms.

On the top of my list this year: Glitter. Toms. Need I say more? #alltheglitterallthetime

Also glitter, but rose gold glitter. yes, please.

Not glitter, but stars. My other favorite. So pretty.

Vintage floral. I love the sunflowers!

DaySpring currently has a 70% off sale going on for some of their awesome Illustrated Faith products! I need to stock up on black and white alphas while they’re so cheap, and the new Created to Create 2 and Word Nerd kits are $5 off! So tempting. These watercolors are 1/3rd the price they usually are! Great Christmas gift idea right here.

While on DaySpring, check out the new Bible Journaling kit, Defiant Joy, to go with Candace Payne’s new book Laugh It Up. Candace is known to many as the Chewbacca Mom, and she just released this book last week! I can’t wait to read it, and the journaling kit that she and DaySpring put together is so awesome.

Well-Watered Women released their new/updated Give Me Jesus journal! I have an original GMJ journal I bought in 2015 and still use it in my studying. (It was technically a 40-day journal, but I’ve been able to stretch it! haha). This one is even more beautiful and they’ve completely updated the inside of the journal. I’ve loved having a guided journal (that has sections for prayer, scripture study, etc., but a lot of the sections in the old journal felt a little moot to me– so I ended up just using them as space to do more study journaling. The new journal looks different on the inside, and I’m excited to see the difference when I can get my hands on one!


They also have a new journal called the Redefined journal, which looks like an awesome journal to have on-hand if you’re struggling with anxiety/depression etc. It has different sections for different things you can write, such as “Lie vs Truth,” “I Feel…But I know…” and so on. Looks super awesome and useful.

I think that’s it for this week. Follow my writer page on Facebook for more writerly updates and sometimes funny things, among other amusements.

Thanks for reading, peoples.




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all the things (11.5)

all the things

Hola. It’s kind of looking like this weekly blog post has accidentally become bi-weekly… last week was kinda awful and I barely got out of bed. Couldn’t force myself to write anything fun. But I’m gonna try to get back on track for weekly posts next week. Here’s to hoping.

My little corner of the internet: 

My 2nd article for The Mighty got published yesterday and was featured on their front page! That’s always fun. I wrote about how the weather/seasons have begun affecting my depression.

1000 word ramble: literally a 1000 word depression and anxiety-induced ramble because I spent most of this week practically drowning. Needed to write it, but it was hard as hell to hit publish.

My FMF post this week: on wants and needs and when they intertwine.

I shared my review of the SRT Bible last weekend. If you don’t have one already, you definitely should put it on your Christmas list. 🙂

Words from the internet I liked: 

I haven’t read much this week because… well, life. But I read a few things last week I’ll share!

The Hidden Grief of Singleness: I was introduced to Lore through She Reads Truth, and have fallen head over heels for her lyrical writing and soothing words. I have truthfully never thought of singleness from this perspective. I am 25 and have always been single. Somedays I think about being a wife and a mother, but it’s not really what I’m searching for right now. Honestly, some days I wonder if having kids is in my future at all (as a former daycare teacher, I go back and forth on the idea. ;)) Nonetheless, this perspective is beautiful and heartbreaking, and she writes about grief and loss that really challenge me in other places in my life.

I might be the odd one out on this subject, but I’m okay with singleness and lack of motherhood, honestly. I’ve never really expounded on my thoughts about the subject, and maybe I will someday, but it’s never really been one of my top goals. But I do daydream sometimes. Who doesn’t?

The Bible gives us permission to weep deeply over the life we hoped we would have, and to not feel ashamed of that hope or disappointment. It is okay to grieve those losses and feel that pain.

This is Us Recap (Brothers): Full disclosure. I have not watched this week’s episode (bc bad week). But last week they dropped a bomb plot twist RIGHT AT THE END AGAIN. STOP IT THIS IS US WRITERS!! This interview breaks down a lot of what happened in the episode and unpacks it all a bit. This show is so layered and deeply thoughtful. The way the characters parallel and reflect on each other (in good and bad ways) is so lovely to watch. And sooo much is going on between the lines. It’s such a fun and moving show to watch. Also, I love how thoughtful they were with Toby’s coffeeshop dance scene (you just gotta watch to understand).

Honestly Talking To Friends About Depression: A great piece for The Mighty that hits home. I’m always afraid to burden my friends with my every struggle– if they knew every struggle, man, I’d never talk about anything else. They’re unending these days. But this hits home with what I’d say, and what I need in this low-ness.

“I don’t need advice. I don’t need you to talk. I just need you to sit quietly with me. I just need you to sit next to me. To hold my hand. To help me up. I just need you there so that the loneliness and the sadness and the despair doesn’t drown me. I just need some help treading water for a little longer.”

On the Days I Just Can’t, This is What I Need: Another Mighty post that hit home this week. Literally, haven’t left my bed much this week because I just couldn’t. The world was just too much. I have so many coping skills, so many things I do to help me get out of this place, but none of them have helped this week. None.

“I know what to do to pull myself out of my funk, and I use skill after skill after skill when I feel myself getting low. Many times the skills work. But there are times it feels like all the skills in the world will not help me.”

‘Neopets:’ Inside Look at Early 2000s Internet Girl Culture:  One of my besties from high school shared this; we’ve bonded over our shared Neo love for our entire 10-year friendship.
I’ve played on Neopets pretty much on/off (mostly on) since childhood. I’m 25 and play it, umm, every day these days, no shame. I took a long break from it in college but still checked in from time to time.  My current account is almost 9 years old, and I have found community there, making many friends from the game (some I’m still friends with today!).
I play it for stress relief, an escape from reality… but as this article shares about, I’ve actually learned a lot from the game. I learned how stocks work, how an economy works (or doesn’t work), and how to buy/sell/trade items. Plots taught me about how to tell a story and problem solve/think critically. I learned a lot from writers/artists on the site that used their pets as a muse, and it encouraged me in my own character design and my own creativity.
But mostly, I learned about design, graphics, and coding– things I never knew about until Neopets came along. I didn’t have a clue how websites were built, or how to make things online. I just thought you designed something cute/pretty and then boom! it was online. Coding was just a mumbo-jumbo mix of letters and words and symbols. I had no clue how they worked.
I finally decided to start learning when I could never find layouts I wanted– and I wanted to start making banners for my guild. I taught myself, using SunnyNeo (a Neopets fan/help site) and other various coding help sites how to code basic things… first how to do certain things, like how to add a text box or hyperlink to a website or a picture on another page. then I learned how to code a banner or button. then a picture. then finally, with the plentiful help of SunnyNeo, I designed and coded a guild layout. I was so dang proud of myself.
It gave me plenty of headache, and I knew it was something I’d never want to do career-wise (because I am the most impatient human with codes), but I knew I could do it. And Neopets, a silly kids website, taught me that. Every time I need to change something in the coding of this website or create links on my portfolio, I think back to Neopets and that guild layout. It hurts my brain, but I feel dang proud that I can do it.
Like just now: I couldn’t figure out why the spacing went all wonky in the bottom part of this post, went into the HTML and fixed it! (too many divider codes) Thanks Neo!
It’s amazing how life-changing a virtual pets site has been for so many people– especially the ladies in this article, whose careers were built on the coding knowledge they got on Neopets.
sorry for writing basically a whole blog post on this article but apparently i had thoughts. haha
“I didn’t start coding because I thought it’d be a promising career,” Kanna explains. “I just wanted to create something really cool, and on Neopets, you could do anything you wanted. From there I just started tinkering around and experimenting.”

Cool things to buy on the internet: 

-Pioneer Woman has a new cookbook out. I needs it. Also, she has a new holiday collection at Walmart and I just want to buy all the things, dangit.

-A few friends on the internet have shared this new devotional by Christian Piatt, and y’all, it looks awesome. a mix of liturgy+ scripture+resources/explanations that bring it down to Earth. I struggle so much with reading scripture and understanding it and looove me some liturgy, so I’m ready to own this.

-Speaking of devotionals, I’ve been using my girl Annie Downs’ 100 Days to Brave, and y’all, it’s awesome. Everyone needs it, in my opinion.

-Still on the hunt for a bedspread. (check my last all the things post for my bedspread desires/wishlist). Still haven’t found one I loved that was in my price range. Zulily has some cute ones but haven’t found one that’s what I exactly want.
Add this one and this one to the dream wishlist– so pretty. so expensive. but so pretty.

-The Illuminated Bible: Y’all. This Bible is STUNNING. Rebekah Lyons shared it on her instagram and it is just plain gorgeous. (Dana, who designed all the prettiness in this bible, designed Rebekah’s book covers). I really don’t need another Bible in my life(i’ve got like 5!), but if I did, it’d be this one.

-Williams-Sonoma released a Harry Potter cooking tools line... and honestly, I’m a tad underwhelmed. I want more than just House-themed Aprons and Spatulas (not to say I don’t want the Ravenclaw version of both). I wish HP items weren’t just regulated to Hogwarts houses– there’s plenty more in the world of Hogwarts to base items off of.

-I’ve been listening to Kelsea Ballerini’s new album Unapologetically pretty much nonstop since it came out Friday. It very much reminds me of the good ol’ TSwift days (before she went cray) except with more relatable lyrics and a more powerful/ beautiful voice. A good mix of silly-sweet fast-paced songs and soulful ballads. In Between, Miss Me More, High School, and I Hate Love Songs are my favorites. Go listen!

-Target officially released Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, their Joanna and Chip Gaines collaboration. I am in love with it all. It’s perfectly them, and the prices are pretty decent! Now if they would just do bedding so I could alleviate my bedspread hunt…

-I finally finished Turtles All the Way Down. I have a lot of feelings, enough for a post of its own (my book post for October will be coming later this week!). It is so good. And I’m already missing being lost in a fiction book, so I need recommendations. If you’ve read a good get-lost-in-it fiction book lately, please share with me.

I think that’s it for this week. I’m not promising much in the blogging world this week (I’m still pretty low), but I’m working on my Book blog for October, so be on the lookout for that. And follow my writer page on Facebook for more writerly updates and sometimes funny things.

Thanks for reading, peoples.

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all the things (10.23)

all the things

And I’m back for the 2nd edition of All the Things weekly recap! I skipped last week because… well, while dogsitting I hardly had enough energy to open my laptop, let alone read things. Oops.

But anyways, here are this week’s happenings:

My little corner of the internet: 

Finding my Armor-Bearer: a pretty vulnerable post about friendship.

My FMF Post this week:

Jesus, mental health, and ignorant people on twitter:

Not a blog post, but I got my twitter-preacher girl on this week in light of an ignorant person’s twitter rant about faith and mental illness. I will continue screaming this at the top of my lungs until people get it. This stigma KILLS, y’all.

Words from the internet I liked: 

Honestly, I didn’t read a lot of articles/blog posts per my usual this week… because I’ve been reading a lot of actual books! How about that? Haha.

That Time I Danced Too Close: In light of the “me too” conversation happening about sexual harassment, this post was quite well said, especially from a Christian/church perspective. I follow Rachel on twitter and enjoy her thoughts!

“If we truly believe in the Imago Dei—that all people are created in the image of God—then we must recognize that what some brush off as “locker room talk” or “boys being boys” is actually a perpetuation of abuse which insults the image of God.”

Answering ‘How Are You?’ With ‘I’m Tired’ | The Mighty  

One day last year my former boss asked how I was and I said my usual, “tired but okay” and she exclaimed, “you ALWAYS say you’re tired!” Yes. Yes, I do. But tired doesn’t always equal physically tired, believe it or not.

“Because it’s life you’re tired of. You’re tired of people treating you like you don’t matter. You’re tired of feeling like you have no future. You’re tired of getting lost in your own head, of drowning in the thoughts and self doubts that pester you every second of every day, while you fight to keep your head above the tides.”

Really, I Blame the Women. |Sarah Bessey 

I was introduced to Heartline and the Livesays from both Sarah Bessey and Kristen Howerton. I love Tara’s sassiness, blatant honesty about life in Haiti, and her determination to not band-aid a problem, but create a solution. Also, the woman is freaking hilarious and posts the cutest pictures of babies and mamas on instagram. This is a great post by Sarah telling some of Heartline’s backstory in honor of their 10th anniversary, and it includes ways to support Heartline at the end!

What if there was a way to keep families together? What if there was a way to eliminate the need for orphanages altogether?

What if we gave all of the energy we’re giving to caring for orphans towards making sure these children never even became orphans in the first place?

Like I said, I blame the women.

Why is a popular interfaith website giving a disgraced misogynistic pastor a platform?

I saw Driscoll’s name popping up online over the last few weeks, and I cringed. Why, Patheos, Why? This article just has a sprinkling of the over-the-top offensive remarks the man has made. In the name of Jesus. I just can’t believe someone would let him wield power AGAIN. And no repentance for his actions, either. I just can’t.

In the sad words of one of the commenters: “Why is a popular interfaith website giving a disgraced misogynistic pastor a platform? 
It’s a simple question with a simple answer: Because those who have the authority to make the decision agree with his teachings.  
It’s no deeper than that. If they back him, they back his teachings.”

Sigh. Plus, the fact that he has followers (somehow?) and that will bring $. It all comes down to money, even if we have to sacrifice morals and human decency.

Patheos’ decision emerges as we witness the belated reckonings of powerful misogynist men whose behavior was ignored and enabled all in the name of the almighty dollar. Driscoll brings with him half a million Twitter followers and status as a New York Times best-selling author, but also a long history of sexism and outright misogyny.

–This isn’t a blog or article, but someone in my Enneagram facebook group (yes i’m in an enneagram fb group no shame) created a playlist for fellow Enneagram 2s (2w1 here) and I love it. Listen on spotify here.

Cool things to buy on the internet: 

-I just recently got a new Queen sized bed (thanks, Dad!), but haven’t bought a new bedspread to fit on it. I’ve found a few I like that are a bit out of my price range (why you so expensive, Anthropologie?!?) but have a found a few contenders.

I like pretty, florarly designs, but a little less bold than my college quilt (bright pink with brightly colored flowers. a tad loud for 25-year-old me. ).

I’ve found a few on urban outfitters I adore: this one is the biggest contender. I love this one too.

I REALLY want this one from anthro, but my mother doesn’t want me to get one with a white background. Bah humbug.

That’s also why she wasn’t a fan of this kate spade one, but I’m slightly obsessed with it.

I love this anthro one too, but can’t justify the price tag. Sigh.

So, should I save up for one of the anthro ones, or go with a cutesy one from urban outfitters?! help a sista out!

-I love that this and this exist. Bundt cakes that you cook like waffles? Sign me up. Plus, the mini one is just too cute.

-I have a few friends having babies in the near future, and the one thing I love gifting more than anything else? Books! Duh. I have a few on my wishlists I’m starting to buy for various babies I already love so much.

Jimmy Fallon has a new kids book out, and it is so cute. Anything Jimmy Fallon does is awesome, so…

I can’t remember where I read about this one, but I love it. Let’s start teaching ’em about diversity young! I want a copy of this one for myself– it’s stunningly designed!!

I’ve given this one to a friend’s babe before, and I’ll give it again because it is so good and lovely and heartfelt. I love MPT, and his children’s books are beautiful inside and out!

– Through the B&H/Lifeway bloggers program, I received the amazingly beautiful She Reads Truth Bible this week to review! I’ve had my eye on it since before it came out but wasn’t able to swing it financially. It is BEAUTIFUL. And so helpful/resourceful. I’ve been using it for Bible study since I got it, and it has made bible study so much easier. I’ll do a full review of it hopefully this week, but it is worth every penny.

-To go with my new SRT Bible, I splurged on a new prayer journal. I’ve been following Val Marie Paper forever online but have never tried one of their products. They have a yearly prayer journal that looks beautiful and awesome but wanted to spend a little less than $50 for the first time I’ve used one of the prayer journals. She sells an undated version for a fraction of that, so I went with it. And it matches the color of my Bible! (not that that matters, but hey sometimes girl likes to be cute!). I love things that are prompted/scripted for me to follow as a guide, so I’m excited to add it to my arsenal of Bible study tools. If I like it, I’ll def spring for the yearly version (… or ask for it as a Christmas present. Girlfriend is stingy).

-Books! Two books by two of my favorites come out this week, and GIRL IS PUMPED.

My favorite gal Annie F Downs has a new devotional coming out, and I could squeal I’m so excited. Devotionals are my favorite. If I could have one singular job as a writer, writing devotionals would be it. I have a few good ones in my rotation nightly but am excited to add 100 Days of Brave to the group. Especially since I loved Let’s All Be Brave– girl knows about brave, and I’m pumped for more bravery talk. Bonus: it’s all glittery and that makes me extra excited. (Just as I was finishing this post I got the email that amazon shipped it, and I may have squealed).


You’ve got about 24ish hours to preorder to get the goodies from, but even more than that: this book needs to be in the hands of as many women as possible, y’all. and if we preorder, more booksellers will keep it in stock and display it. So, GO BUY IT. It comes out officially on Tuesday, and I do intend on writing about DSR sometime this week. I got my official launch team copies last week, and not only is it stunning (it shimmers, y’all!), but it is even better holding the book in my hands! Y’all, this book is going to change the world. And Jess is a woman fully leaning on God’s truth to carry her and her words, and they’re words we NEED to hear. Let’s go.

That’s it for this week, yo. What did you see/read/buy on the internet this week?

Upcoming posts this week include: SRT Bible Review (later this week), and a review/message of Dance Stand Run. Let’s do it!

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all the things (a weekly recap)

If you’re friends with me on Facebook, you know about 90% of what I share on there are articles I found helpful/fascinating/needed. The other 10% include memes, things I want to buy, and my weekly frustrations with This Is Us.  

A lot of my favorite blogs have started a weekly round-up of sorts with all the blogs/articles/ fun things they find online, and I’ve wanted to do the same for a while now as a way to blog here more often. So here ya go:

My little corner of the internet: 

No freelancing articles to share this week, but I did write a couple posts here:

My new monthly book recap:

lots of books that came out this week! Go read about reading.

Five Minute Friday: Story

my weekly linkup post for FMF. I loved what I came up with this week.

My facebook page!! I finally created an author/website facebook for writing/blogging updates and the like. If you haven’t already, would you give it a like and follow along?

Words from the internet I liked: 

Seeing a Musical Is as Good for You as a 30-Minute Workout: 

“Bye-bye yoga studio; they only workout room I’m going to be in from now on is the Room Where It Happens.”

THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER. So long, gyms! Imma spend my money on the musical workout circuit. I knew being a Broadway nerd would pay off!!

Rumours of the Real: 

“Seeing and experiencing the real thing has given me a whole new perspective on what used to satisfy me. It’s not that I don’t love my little note card reproduction of First Steps, After Millet by Van Gogh – I do. It’s just that now I have seen the real thing and I know that this is only a whisper of it.

It’s a reminder, a placeholder, for the powerful reality I encountered once and hopefully will again.”

As always, Sarah has a way of writing that makes me think about faith and Jesus in a whole new way.

I had a similar visceral reaction that Sarah did at the Met when I walked into the Monroeville County Courthouse (the setting for To Kill a Mockingbird). It’s surreal when what we envision in our heads or see a recreation of becomes a reality.

The Story Behind Kate and Rebecca’s Explosive Fight on ‘This Is Us’ Season Two Episode Two:

Spoiler alert! If you’re a This is Us fan and you haven’t watched yet, skip this one. 

I’m so excited/sad about this plotline. Kate is the character I relate to the most (tied w/Randall’s anxiety/perfectionism). What we’ve seen of her issues with her mom so far (which isn’t a lot, but there is some backstory if you go back and think about it) mirror a lot of the struggles I had as an overweight kid (and adult!) with my family, so I’m curious as to how it will unfold.

25 Texts to Send a Loved One Living With Depression

One of the simplest ways to let someone struggling with depression know you’re there for them? Text them. Let them know you’re there. Isolation is such a huge struggle for people living with depression… so reaching out when they can’t is something that is beyond helpful. All of them at one point would have been helpful for me, but 15-17 especially so.

Pete Davidson Talks BPD and Depression on SNL’s Weekend Update

SO PROUD of Pete for talking about this. On live TV. You go, Pete.

Talking about mental illness in a way that’s humorous but not degrading= huge win. So glad SNL made this happen. Though he wasn’t exactly correct that borderline personality disorder is a form of depression (it’s not, but depression is something people with BPD can be diagnosed with alongside BPD), the fact that he opened up about his struggle mental illness helps normalize the discussion. Go SNL!

We Need To Back Off And Give Introverted Kids The Space They Need To Thrive

I am a true-blue introvert. I get my energy from being by myself, recharging by reading or writing or doing art. Constant chatter or overwhelming loudness exhausts me quickly, and small talk is the devil’s plaything. I’ve ALWAYS been like this, but as a kid it didn’t have a name. As a kid, I thought I was just weird and different and odd because I lived in my own world and didn’t enjoy screaming at the football game on TV like the rest of my family. I didn’t hear the terms introvert or extrovert until college and didn’t understand introversion entirely until I read Quiet by Susan Cain. It was then that a light bulb went off. I’M NOT WEIRD! I’M JUST INTROVERTED! YEAH! I’M SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THIS!

My life made SO much more sense once I learned these things about my personality. I wish I had known this stuff as a kid, and more so– I wish my family had known it. It would have changed my life, truly.

Cool things to buy on the internet: 


Judy Blume was/is my favorite childhood author. I’ve read every one of her kids’ books. She’s teaching an online Master writing class in the new year, and I WANT IT. I don’t even write fiction, but who wouldn’t want to learn from their childhood hero?

Illustrated Faith Word Nerd Kit!  (affiliate link)

I haven’t bought an IF kit in awhile because money, but I LOVE this one. It’s sooo cute! I love words and have professed myself a word nerd so many times. I love that they changed the format of the Bible devotional part– instead of getting a full book of devotions, they give you weekly devotion cards you can actually use in your bible! I love it.

 TURTLES. ALL. THE. WAY. DOWN. (affiliate link)

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FIVE YEARS FOR THIS BOOK. (or any book by John, since TFIOS). It comes out Tuesday. DON’T LET ME DOWN, GREEN.

I am sooo ready for another John Green novel.

Have you preordered Dance Stand Run yet? (affiliate link)

If you haven’t, why haven’t you?!?! It comes out October 24th, and I fully believe Jess’s words are going to change lives for Jesus. Plus, if you preorder, you get awesome gifts. The more preorders a book gets, the more likely stores are to buy more copies and put in physical stores (like Target!), so consider preordering. You won’t be disappointed, y’all.


I think that’s it for this week, peeps. If you see anything interesting I should add to next week’s recap, share with me on my facebook page?

Until next time!